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Composer - Clarinetist

The Danger Zone (2015) - for Soprano and Piano

Text by Jocelyn Tello

Commissioned by the Houston Grand Opera Community Outreach (HGOco.)

Premiered by Kaitlyn Stavinoha and Mark Buller

Duration: ca. 3 1⁄2 minutes 

As part of the Opera Adventure Curriculum, HGOco teamed up with HISD middle schools to teach children about opera. The kids attended a showing of the Velveteen Rabbit and wrote poems, to be set to music, inspired by themes of the opera. 


I’m a polar bear, I have been in a box called the Danger Zone.
I have been in the box for two hours long. It’s small. It’s tight.
It’s dark and full of monsters. I want to get out! The box is no place for toys! Next door is Haven Island where dreams come true.
My wildest dream is to find true love.
I have been trying to escape but not...succeed. 

The Danger Zone (Excerpt) - Nadiah Eleskandrany
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